Ulla Coester

E-Mail: coester@skip-institut.de

  • Studied business administration with a focus on marketing, retailing and communications management in Düsseldorf
  • Short course in journalism, MBA Essen

Consultant and facilitator for digital ethics / digital management

  • Development of a corporate culture in the context of digitalisation that corresponds to the ethical values of your company as well as to social ideas.
  • Targeted support in the implementation of your digitalisation projects, with a special focus on AI-based applications under ethical aspects to increase user acceptance.
  • Implementation of sustainable corporate communication including the development of a value-oriented positioning.
  • Lecturer for digital ethics: Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Cologne
Member of the Standardization Evaluation Group 10 (SEG 10):
„Ethics in Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence Application“, IEC.
Lectures/Moderations in 2019 (excerpt)
Keynote: "Is the further development of AI still at all compatible with our values?", DIGITAL X, Cologne
Fightclub discussion: "The power of data: Benefit or harm?", DIGITAL X,Cologne
Moderation panel discussion: " How do we imagine a digital future?", event "Digital Future", IHK Cologne
Panel discussion: "AI for Cybersecurity", CODE 2019, Munich
2021: Founding of xethix Empowerment
xethix Empowerment accompanies companies in their efforts to shape the digital future
through the development of an ethical corporate culture, the use of trustworthy AI applications (ETHICS.AI.TOOL) and through authentic corporate communication.
2010: Founding of the platform xethix.com with the focus on discussing digital trends and their impact on companies and society. // 2014:
Foundation of xethix-Diskurs® as a forum in which current topics on digitalisation, including social aspects, are analysed and debated in an interdisciplinary manner.
Publications (Excerpt)
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Data Security - Law and Security in Information Processing and
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U. Coester: „Trustworthy AI - between aspiration and reality"DuD, Data Protection and Data Security - Law and Security in
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U. Coester: "Digital ethics - a problem in market research?
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