Our DIP project found significant differences in a study initiated by two B.A. students in terms of the learning experience compared to conventional 2D instructional videos and a 3D VR experience. Learn more here

With the Master's degree in Digital Psychology, which was created in 2019, students will also be able to support projects within the framework of the skip in the future.

The Digital Psychology & Simulation Sciences – DPSS for short – journal is in the starting blocks and will probably celebrate its first edition in Q3 2019. In close cooperation with the Office for Integration and Diversity, Cologne, a concept is currently being developed to illustrate one's own prejudices in order to better assess employees, which has so far been called the Diversity Project.

Leo Meissner, student of 3D Design & Management, will realize the project "Orbit" with the skip institute as part of his bachelor thesis.
Orbit will be a 3D database as an app that visualizes possible movement and encounter patterns of individual people in 3D and will be available to science as a database.

Together with the company GFOS from Essen, the skip Institute under the direction of Ulla Coester and students are developing an augmented reality app for the control and monitoring of industrial processes. The project is generously funded by GFOS.

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