Science and studies

The projects have been partly initiated and realised to support students from various degree programmes at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Through practical and scientifically supported methodology, the participants gain very good insights and experience in professional and scientific work.

At Dortmund Hospital, a small study prompted the possible development of a pre-operative VR simulation to help older patients minimise their risk of falling and injury after an operation. The digital training could also alleviate fears and concerns before the operation.

In cooperation with the Association of Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, a varied introduction on a digital level via VR is being created for future employees. The initially digital introduction is intended to provide trainees with an easier and more interesting start in banking so that they can familiarise themselves with the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken in times of digital change. 

2019-20 Diversity project in cooperation with the City of Cologne. What prejudices do we harbour and how can we rethink them? With the help of VR technology, new methods are being tested with the Office for Integration and Diversity to get to know Unconscious Bias in virtual worlds.

2018-21 Digital Integration Project (DIP for short) - the Virtual Reality Study to support the integration of refugees is implemented virtually through "everyday scenarios" with significant differences to traditional learning methods. Libraries in the state of NRW are joining forces to participate in the study. The application will not only be applicable locally, but a mobile version will also be developed.

Orbit "Hits and Misses" database (experimental development - semester project for the time being). The project "ORBIT - Hits & Misses" describes an online survey for a 3D database. It is about the individual life path of a single person and its intersection with another life path. Data is to be collected to map the movement of people both spatially and temporally as a 3D network. Project management Prof. Chris Wickenden.

Filmdocumentation and marketing of the theaterproject "WIR?!" with the Stadtheater Bonn. Project management Prof. Chris Wickenden.

Development of a VR learning platform for GFOS, Essen. Project management Ulla Coester

Continuation of "VR Language and Culture Area" under the name of „DIP – Digital Integration Project“ Project management Prof. Chris Wickenden.

Realisation of the project to offer students of all courses the opportunity to conduct empirical studies and forecast future trends in different cities in Europe. Project management Prof. Chris Wickenden.

VR-language and culture
Development and realisation of a virtual reality space to promote the integration of refugees in Cologne.
Student project under the project management of Prof. Chris Wickenden.

Development of a concept for the identification of parameters for the measurement and 3D visualisation of company values. Scientific student project under the direction of Prof. Chris Wickenden.

A 3D model and concept development for the identification of profile characteristics, which depicts a match of partner seekers as a 3D model and explains it in an animated way. The model is available as a 3D-printed version. Developed and produced by students of 3D Design & Management and Media and Communication Management. Project management Prof. Chris Wickenden.

Digital Teaching Day
A film documentation of the event at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. By students of 3D Design & Management, Media and Communication Management and Applied Media. Project management Dieter Claus.

A concept for the development of a music app that identifies and maps personal musical tastes. Developed by students of Media and Communication Management (MKM) and Business Administration (BWL). Project management Prof. Chris Wickenden.

Institute for Health Economics
A film contribution on the topic of dementia. By students of the 3D Design & Management course. Project management Dieter Claus.

Belsana Clip "The Attributes of Belsana" A student project of the Applied Media (AM) course under the direction of Dieter Claus.

3D Scan of the Cologne Cathedral
The Hi-Def. scanning of the complete cathedral with Z+F scanners in collaboration with Prof. Douglas Pritchard from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. A scientific project supported and documented by students of the 3D Design & Management (3DDM) course. Project management Prof. Chris Wickenden

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