skip Institute

As skip Institute, located at the renowned Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, we are committed to non-profit research on the scientific and experimental visualization of complex, often invisible or abstract topics. Our work encompasses the pictorial representation of diverse concepts, from lifestyles and environmental conditions to innovative business models and future-oriented products.

Our main concern is to support decision-makers and users in the field of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D technologies and 360° visualizations. Tailor-made solutions are offered to effectively manage investments in virtual simulations and to ensure high content and technical standards in the industry. Our services include:

 – Development of VR, AR and 360° concepts tailored to specific business challenges

– Prototype development for visualization and testing of concepts

– Customized studies for the evaluation and evaluation of projects

– Practice-oriented recommendations for action for the implementation of concepts

– Development of specific action plans for final production

– Conduct measurements and evaluations to ensure project effectiveness

– Advice and support for projects in the field of virtual simulation

– Certification of the efficiency and effectiveness of designs and prototypes

– Issuance of a quality seal for funding applications, competitions and PR purposes

– Providing references and professional recommendations

In cooperation with our official partner and member, twinC GmbH, we combine technical, scientific and conceptual expertise to fully exploit the possibilities of new visual technologies and adapt them specifically to the needs of users.

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