HS Fresenius

The Fresenius University of Applied Sciences developed from the Fresenius Chemical Laboratory, founded in 1848 by Carl Remigius Fresenius, and looks back on a long tradition of privately funded education in Germany. This makes it the oldest educational institution of its kind in the field of chemistry. In the spirit of its founder, Carl Remigius Fresenius, it combines teaching, research and practice. The name Fresenius stands for practice-oriented teaching with closely linked applied research and development. This applies to the long-established Department of Chemistry & Biology as well as to the two new faculties of Health & Social Affairs and Business & Media, which were established in 1997/98, as well as to the new Department of Design, which was integrated in 2013, and the onlineplus department, which was newly founded in 2015, for distance and online degree programs.

That said, the motto of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences for its essential tasks is: "Teaching and researching in a practical way, living internationality, accompanying, challenging and promoting students!"


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