Diversity project in cooperation with the City of Cologne to train Unconscious Bias

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The City of Cologne will use the finished VR production to train managers. Since authenticity is the top priority here, the film was shot on original sets. Seven professional actors were used for this. In addition, lighting and sound design were developed and implemented together with professionals from television. Under the overall direction of Dieter Claus, the director of studies for the degree programmes Audiovisual media & online publishing (B.A) and Game Design & Management (B.A.) arbeiteten hier erstmals studiengangsübergreifend Studierende von Game Design & Management, 3D-Mediadesign & Managementand Media- and Communication management in a team. The meeting with the Office for Integration and Diversity in Cologne on 11 December led to the decision to test a workshop, i.e. a beta version of the VR software with the managers of the office in the near future.

The ones who were involved in the development of the new VR scenario

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