Sebastian Seidel

Economist Logistics

Over 11 years of experience in logistics with focus areas in:

Corporate Strategy

Sales Concept development

Innovation Management

Talent Management 

Team Development

04/2014 Co-founder with my brother Benjamin and one of the two managing directors of twinC GmbH, an agency for knowledge transfer with Virtual Reality and 360°

Starting 01/2016, joined as Managing Partner in full-time at twinC with areas of responsibility including:



Sales Concept development of new ideas, products, and collaboration with partners

Business field development 

Revolutionizing e-learning

Development of immersive media and its adaptation to various areas

01/2021 Acquisition and integration of the VR STUDIO from Mobfish, an authoring tool that allows the creation of VR/360° applications without the need for programming skills. 

2024 skip. Institute e.V.